Two Pedestrian Accident Victims Killed in Santa Clara County

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Two Separate Caltrain Trains Strike Two People in Pedestrian Accidents Resulting in Death

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Two People Fatally Struck by Caltrain Trains in Separate Incidents Thursday 

Tragedy struck the Caltrain line on Thursday with not one, but two fatalities. Both incidents involved people being fatally struck by the train and happened within hours of each other. The first incident occurred around 1:30 early Thursday morning in Mountain View, where a southbound train hit someone at the Rengstorff Avenue grade crossing. No passengers on the train were injured, but train service was halted for over two hours as the Santa Clara County Coroner’s Office examined the scene. 

The second incident happened Thursday afternoon as a southbound train collided with an individual at East Meadow Drive. Emergency crews rushed to the scene to assess the situation as train services were stopped in the area, causing a minor disruption for commuters. Though there were 68 passengers on board at the time of the accident, thankfully no other passengers or crew members were injured. Passengers were transferred to another train around 1:30 p.m. to continue their journey south as a coroner arrived on the scene shortly after and authorities worked to investigate the incident to clear the tracks. 

Both of the northbound and southbound tracks were cleared at peak speed around 3:31 p.m., according to Caltrain officials. Unfortunately, this was not the first time the railway saw such devastating incidents this year. In fact, this marks the third and fourth fatalities of 2021 on Caltrain. It is a sobering reminder of the importance of safety measures when traveling on any railway, and our hearts go out to the families and loved ones affected by this loss.


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