Hit-and-Run Driver Leaves Five Pedestrians Injured in San Francisco

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A 25 Year Old Drunk Driver Strikes Five Victims In a Hit and Run Pedestrian Accident Resulting in Multiple Injuries

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Hit-and-Run Driver Leaves Five Pedestrians Injured in San Francisco

Close to 2 am early Sunday morning, a horrifying accident occurred that left five pedestrians injured in San Francisco. Witnesses reported that a car had struck them at the intersection of 19th and Mission street, before the driver fled the scene. However, this was not the end of the ordeal. The alleged drunk driver was later apprehended after crashing a second time, less than 10 minutes later. This time, he remained at the scene after being involved in a two-car collision. It was later confirmed that Brandon Calderon Vargas, 25, of South San Francisco, had been arrested for his involvement in the incident and was also identified as the prime suspect in the earlier hit-and-run. While four of the injured victims are expected to recover, the fifth refused medical services.

After the hit-and-run, while officers were investigating the incident, they received word of the other crash just blocks away. Vargas’ charges included fleeing the scene, ignoring a red light, and driving under the influence, causing injury. He now sits in San Francisco county jail, awaiting trial for his reckless and dangerous actions on the city’s streets.

The Mission District has seen its fair share of tragedy due to hit-and-runs. With multiple incidents resulting in injury and even death, the community is grappling with the very real dangers of walking the streets. In fact, according to city data, four of the nine pedestrian deaths in San Francisco this year have occurred in the Mission. As the police department warns, fleeing the scene of an accident can result in serious consequences, including felony charges if someone is hurt. The South Van Ness area in particular has been identified as a high-injury corridor, making it all the more important for drivers to remain vigilant and responsible behind the wheel. It’s a reminder that we all have a role to play in keeping our streets safe.


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