Dodge Charger Collides with Semi-Truck on the Bay Bridge Resulting in Death

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Dodge Charger Collides with Semi-Truck on the Bay Bridge Resulting in Death

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Dodge Charger Collides with Semi-Truck on the Bay Bridge Resulting in Death

Tragedy struck the Bay Bridge on Thursday morning, causing a huge jam on the freeway. The California Highway Patrol received a call about a collision between a big-rig and a black Dodge Charger, which was speeding and hit the truck from behind. The impact was so severe that the two passengers in the Dodge died on the spot. The investigation caused a five-lane closure of the freeway for four hours. Those heading to San Francisco had to take alternate routes, such as the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge to the Golden Gate Bridge, the San Mateo Bridge, BART or the ferry. Late Wednesday night, chaos erupted on the Bay Bridge. Authorities rushed to the scene after reports of someone climbing on to the railing of the bridge. This dangerous act caused major disruptions on the westbound lanes just east of the center anchorage. Thankfully, after almost eight hours, the person was safely removed and taken into custody. But while that situation was being resolved, another incident occurred. A three-vehicle collision rocked the incline and, although no serious injuries were reported, it added more complications to an already difficult situation. 

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